Rapid protection and recovery of scalable and load-balanced cloud applications across regions.

Cloud Application Resilience

Enterprise businesses need to be resilient for its continuous operation. Any disruption to it, affects its value and business existence. Likewise, applications that run on cloud platforms need to be resilient for its continuous availability.   There are many reasons why an application goes unavailable in a cloud platform which includes, code defects, Cloud Infrastructure misconfiguration, Ransomware attacks, Natural disaster, Cloud region/service failure. Maintaining application resilience in cloud platforms is highly challenging due to its dynamic/scaling nature. Unlike traditional platforms, application resilience in cloud platforms means ensuring data consistency along with dependent cloud resource mappings to bring the whole infrastructure.  Datagen Systems provides cloud application resilience for customers via advanced data protection technology. Its uniqueness includes recovery of cloud infrastructure like storage, network, firewall along with application and its consistent PIT data. This solution can also be used to replicate the production region for test/DR purposes. 

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