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Multi-Cloud Strategy & Transformation

A multi-cloud strategy enables businesses to choose desired cloud services from different providers as some are better for particular services than others. There are many reasons companies hold multi-cloud strategies like, avoid vendor lock-in, application mobility, compliance regulations, etc.  Data protection in multi-cloud has a specific challenge that it needs to maintain consistency across a variety of cloud providers. Data protection, disaster recovery, and cyber recovery require a dedicated strategy in multi-cloud infrastructure.  Data captured in a cloud provider should be able to replicate and be used in another cloud provider. This accelerates cloud mobility, provides cyber resiliency, supports DR and Recovery purposes. Captured data must be recoverable even if the backup appliance is destroyed.  Datagen Systems provides multi-cloud data protection technology to customers which works consistently across all cloud providers. Supports application/data mobility from On-prem to cloud or Virtual to cloud or cloud to cloud platforms. Protected data can be accessed without a backup appliance. 

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